List of Expatriate Formalities:

  1. Apply RPTKA : Manpower Placement Plan via oss system , NIB will be needed
  2. Apply Recommendation Letter to Immigration (For PT. PMA)
  3. Apply Telex Visa (TA-01) Temporary Stay Permit Card.
    Billing statement from Company’s Bank will be needed.
    The expat will take the telex visa in Indonesian Embassy in Country Origin.
    Telex Visa valid for 60 days
  4. The expat need to pay DPKK 100 USD per month (if the KITAS valid for 1 year , the expat need to pay 1200 USD per year)
    DPKK : Employee skill development fund levy paid through the account of Department of Manpower / Labor
  5. Apply IMTA : Expat Employment Permit  , after the expat pay DPKK
  6. Apply KITAS & MERP in Immigration Office in Jakarta, Original Passport & Original Expat
    Domicile Letter will be needed
  7. Apply STM – Surat Tanda Melapor : Certificate of Police Registration
    Indonesian Police Report Letter
  8. Apply SKKPS – Surat Keterangan Pendaftaran Penduduk Sementara
    SKKPS : Certificate of Registration for Temporary Resident
    Population Documents
  9. Apply Lapor Keberadaan : Expatriate Residence Report

Requirements for Expat:

  1. Full Copy Color Valid Passport (min. 18 months before valid) including the cover
  2. Copy Color Rent of Apartment in Indonesia (min. rent for 1 year)
  3. Copy & Original Letter of Statement from Apartment Manager
  4. Copy & Original Domicile Letter from Kelurahan / Head of District Area
  5. Recent Photo (red background)
  6. Copy Color Educational Certificate (Diploma, Degree, Master)
  7. Copy Color Insurance Certificate
  8. Copy Color Marriage Certificate (if bring wife)
  9. Copy Color Birth Certificate (if bring children)
  10. No need to pay DPKK @ 100 USD per month, if the expat is a shareholder in company sponsor

Requirements for Company Sponsorship:

  1. Local Company with minimum paid up capital IDR 10 Billion
  2. PMA with minimum paid up capital IDR 10 Billion
  3. Copy Color Billing Statement from Company’s Bank, last saldo minimum IDR 60 Million
  4. Copy Color Company’s Legal Documents (NIB, SIUP , TDP, NPWP, DEED FROM NOTARY, SK MENTERI, Domicile Letter)
  5. Copy Color Business License (IUI, IU,SIUP or other Business License related to your Business Sector)
  6. Copy Color BPJS Kesehatan & BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  7. Copy Color Director’s ID CARD (E KTP)
  8. Copy Color HRD Manager’s ID CARD (E KTP)
  9. Copy Color Identity Card of 2 (two) local employees to be assisted to the expatriate
  10. Copy Color LKPM for PT. PMA
  11. Organization Structure Chart
  12. Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan/UU No. 7 : Regulation No. 7 Compulsory Report
    If the company doesn’t have it, we could proceed it with fee IDR 3.000.000 (Three Millions Rupiah), main requirement is minimum 6 (six) identity cards (Ektp)  of your local employees